Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I just can't believe the son of a bitch didn't let us do it for an angle.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2005 Pt 2

"2005 was characterized by extreme highs, extreme lows, and lots of painfully boring in betweens."

I've been thinking for a couple of weeks now about how the year 2005 for me all about very high highs and very low lows, but had ultimately decided not to burden anyone with having to read about it until I saw the above quote in Jimmy Jacobs' LiveJournal and then I realized that maybe there were other people who felt similarly about the whole ordeal so I decided I'd write about it. But first, I feel compelled to note that I am writing this while watching the best damn match in ECW history -- 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Shane Douglas from A Matter of Respect 1996, as part of the complete year of 1996 ECW TV converted onto DVD (26 discs) that I picked up over the holidays for the fantastic price of 30 bucks total. I have roughly 1/2 of the year on RF master VHS tapes from back in the day but am still amazed at how freaking good this stuff is, even 10 years later.

I think I will remember 2005 in much the same way Jimmy Jacobs said. There were some tremendous highs: I maintained a relationship with the best girl in the world for another year. I had the honor of working with and learn from the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette several times. I was offered professional opportunities from Tracy Gilbert, Jeff Rudd and Michael Bochicchio that I'll always be grateful for and remember fondly, including an amazing weekend spent in Charlotte with my soul mate and wrestling royalty. I found some new friends.

At the same time, there were some real bummers as well, but after some deliberation, I'd truthfully rather not waste the time talking about the negative stuff. I got problems just like anybody else but I think I shall use this time to start a trend for 2006 and spend my time and energies working on solutions rather than focusing on the negatives.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Pt. 1

If the story of my life is ever told in any form or fashion, I hope that aside from a few major exceptions, the whole year of 2005 hits the cutting room floor. Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Good times.

Man, what a great day. Went Christmas shopping with Dangerous E on behalf of my mother to pick up some things for various people. Got to spend pretty much all day with my best buddy as we both tried to rightfully spoil our girlfriends and also take care of other significant people. I'd like to think we succeeded. Retreated to the house of the blue-haired temptress for Sheetz food and The Forty-Year Old Virgin, which I had not seen and found to be way funnier than I anticipated. I also almost saw my best friend get molested when he unveiled the Star Wars box set as an early Christmas present for the aforementioned temptress.

I even ended up with a pretty good haul myself at the end of the day, picking up the Simpsons Jeopardy game for 6 bucks at Wal-Mart and Dangers hooked me up with the Back to the Future trilogy. Zoe knitted me an awesome yellow scarf that will make it's first ringside appearance very shortly. Also swiped some awesome stuff from the back of Boogieman's car at Wilco, including the Gary Hart shoot interview (yea!), Beach Blast 1993 which I have actually never see, a Highspots VHS master of the Beautiful Bobby shoot interview featuring an awesome 10 minute Midnight Express highlight reel at the beginning and the just amazing Rock & Roll Wrestling commercial tape from the 80's. That last one is basically a comp of old Memphis footage including a bunch of the music videos they shot back in the day to introduce guys to the territory like Kamala and the Moondogs. Just surreal footage. I've always wanted to see this tape and it positively did not disappoint.

CWF anniversary show was Saturday and I debuted my new gimmick by breaking it over Matty Dee's scrawny back. Luckily I always have back ups in mind and really the case is more a gimmick that the racket itself anyway. The atmosphere backstage was terrific as maybe it was the Christmas spirit but everyone (well, almost everyone) were getting along and having fun in front of and behind the curtain. I felt it was definitely the best anniversary show CWF's ever done. Cage match and everything seemed to click very well.

I even got to finally meet up with my new Internet friend Amber and hang out with her for most of Saturday before and after the show. All in all, it's been a very satisfying couple of days.

I really don't know what to make of this upcoming week. Part of me thinks it will go by fast, as the week of Christmas usually does because generally speaking there is a lot to do. But another part of me thinks it will go by super slowly, as any week before I go to Charleston generally does. I head down there the day after Christmas and will stay the week leading up to New Year's. Very excited to get some couple time not interrupted by school and only marginally interrupted by work as the real Christmas rush at Best Buy (her job) will be over by then and we can basically chill out for a few days.

I have way more presents under the tree than I should seeing as we're all broke and I haven't really been that good of a boy all things considered, but I do feel very loved.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I crash my car everyday the same way...

The above is from an awesome Thursday song from a few years back called Understanding (In a Crash) that I've always loved. Feels pretty poignant at this particular stage in my life, seeing as I did in fact crash my car about a week ago. Was driving down I-26 to get to Kristina's house and with about ten miles left on the 4+ hour trip, got spooked by a deer, swerved too far, lost control of the car and slid across the road into a ditch, Magnum T.A.'ing the back end of my car into a tree. It's driveable although the back end looks roughly like the ROH guard rail after Samoa Joe hits the Ole kick. Actually it probably looks worse than that but that's the best analogy that I can think of.

This sweet old man towed me to Kristina's house where she ran out of the house in tears because I was 3 hours late (on the plus side, this experience has inspired me to finally break down and pay for a cell phone) but I calmed her down and everything was fine. The guy agreed to store the car for me that night and we'd come get it tomorrow and figure out what to do, since it was like 11 pm by this point. So the next day we get up and head over there and this dude has pulled the rear end of the car up and thus made the car driveable again, tried to even beat out a few of the dents and tells us that he isn't going to charge us anything. He tells us about how he got saved on his 60th birthday and how he's in the ministry now and does this on the side. He says he could tell last night we were a young couple really deeply in love and in school and everything and tells us how God has always provided for him so he didn't need or want our money, so he doesn't charge us for any of it. We were both floored and the whole day of last Friday was just one of those really amazing experiences that I hope I never forget. I really felt like that accident and his kindness were meant to shake me up and open my eyes to some things in my life. The week in Charleston with her was wonderful.

We spent some great quality time together for the whole week and just took it easy and enjoyed each other's company, once I got my car realigned and fixed up a little bit. Saw Rent twice and Walk the Line once. Rent was fabulous and Walk the Line was sound, particularly Reese Witherspoon, who would end up carrying my children if anything ever happened with me and Katie.

Came back to NC and as soon as I stepped foot back on campus, I felt an over whelming negative energy just engulf me. I HATE it here and if it wasn't for my mother's insistance to the contrary I'd be out already, degree or no degree. But it so happens that she is very insistant that I stick with it so for the time being that's the plan, but I could definitely think of places (even picking up credits elsewhere) that I would rather be.

Last night I went to Statesville for another great CWA show. Loved the Ortega/Converse vs. Jason Jones/Jake Manning tag match, great intensity from everyone. I was on play by play for the DVD with Da Gemini Kid and that was a great time as always. I can't stress enough how much I love the CWA atmosphere. Real wrestling fans who don't think they are part of or better than the product.

Tonight I met up with Dangers, Helios and Zoester at Casa de Zoe. It was a wonderful night with pizza, doughnuts, Coke & rum and Samoa Joe throwing chairs right at Low Ki's friggin' head. Think I am going to turn in now as it's 5:30 in the morning. Love to all.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Another reason Otto Schwanz rules the f'n world...

Chris Hunter: You used to have a funny way of telling the ring announcer to announce where you were from...

Otto: I'd always come up with a fictitious town, 'Blasmireinen' which meant 'Give me a blow job', or 'GroBe-Muschie' which meant 'big pussy.' I'd always tell him he just introduced 'Otto Cock, the German Beef from Big Pussy, Germany.'

-- Excerpt from old interview I ran across online.

Lazy couple of weeks. Big shock to those close to me, I'm sure. Finally wrote a paper I've literally been putting off all semester. It's probably shit and was technically an hour late, but at least its done. I have been barely conscious for most of this semester anyway so its not that huge a deal one way or another. My head's not in it and I feel sure my grades will reflect that, but I am done in May, by hook or by crook. Not graduated per se, but done at UNCG at least. The rest can be filled in at another establishment if need be, probably a community college. Classes end at the conclusion of this week and I couldn't be more pleased to see this miserable year go. Come Thursday evening I am heading to Charleston for about a week, 'cause that is where I need to be right now. A clearer head and a lot more fun awaits me down south.

Friday, November 18, 2005

God tonight was fun.

Went to Statesville and did commentary with my favorite technico rudo Da G Kid for the CWA show featuring Harley Race and Tracy Smothers. Got to hang out with the Highspots crew, Converse and Ortega and it was just such a good time. I loved being around people who still genuinely loved and cared about wrestling. People to whom I didn't have to explain who Human Tornado or Delirious is. Visited the Highspots compound again and if I ever have money I will lose my f'n mind there. I am seriously considering going to Spindale House tonight just to keep the good times going. After I sleep all day that is.

Saturday is the big big CWF show in Bear Creek, I am pumped about that. I want to have fun this weekend and squash as much bullshit as I possibly can. Those are my goals. Will report back in a few days and let ya know how I did.